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Oosteroever? Qué?

The East Bank (or Oosteroever) is the city section between the harbor mouth, the Spuikom and a dune belt that includes a port area, dune landscapes and many beautiful vistas. 

The East Bank (or Oosteroever) is the place to rejoice, to blow out and to seek some peace. The Port area is a fascinating place in the city that offers a rich touristic background. The area is low on traffic, so perfect for a walk in nature with children. The ferry from the city makes it all the more fun. 

4 reasons to visit Oosteroever: 


Napoleon feared an invasion from England via Ostend harbour and therefore ordered an imposing fort to be built in the dunes in 1811. In both world wars, the fort got a new lease of life as artillery quarter for the German army. Since 1995, Erfgoed Vlaanderen (the Flemish Heritage Association) has managed the fort. It made sure it was restored and turned into an open monument. Nowadays, you can enjoy a visit to the monument or simply have a drink or a bite to eat.


The beach at Oosteroever is usually less crowded than the bigger beaches. This makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful beachwalk.


The famous lighthouse, named “Lange Nelle”, is the fourth one in the history of Ostend and the third one on this location. It was built between 1947 and 1949, rises 65 metres above the sea and guides the fishermen safely in the Ostend harbour.


De Halve Maan (The Half Moon) thanks its name to its shape of a semi-circle. The military structures of the Half Moon are the only remaining Flaksite in Belgium. The former military site includes a command bunker, three heavy flak bunkers, a flanking scheme and several other structures. The Hundius and Half Moon are unique and well-preserved parts of the German Coastal Defense Atlantikwall from 1942-1944.

Food and drinks at Oosteroever

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