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Street art in Ostend

Discover all the locations of Public Art Festival "The Crystal Ship"

“The Crystal Ship” arrived in Ostend three times already: in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Renowned and world-famous artists made enormous paintings on walls as well as fantastic art installations in open spaces.

All together, this creates an artistic journey in and around Ostend. ‘The Crystal Ship - art festival in the city' is the biggest festival of its genre in Europe.

 Free MAP

  • Free and handy map 
  • Discover all the locations in Ostend
  • More than 70 interventions in the city 


New in 2018

  • A Squid Called Sebastian (B)
  • Ben Slow (UK)
  • Dourone (B)
  • Colectivo Licuado (URY)
  • Etam Cru (PL)
  • Gaia (US)
  • Icy & Sot (IR)
  • Jaune (B)
  • Joachim (B)
  • Matthew Dawn (B)
  • Milu Correch (AR)
  • Oak Oak (FR)
  • Wasp & Elder (UK)
  • Telmo & Miel (NL)
  • Zoer x Velvet (FR)
  • Johannes Verschaeve (B)
  • Pixel Pancho (IT)
  • Elian (AR)
  • Roa (BE)
  • Disorderline (BE)
  • Robert Montgomery (UK)
  • 1010 (DE)
  • Faith47 (SA)
  • Smates en Locatelli (BE)
  • Agostino Iacurci (IT)
  • Fintan Magee (AUS)
  • Guido van Helten (AUS)
  • Ella & Pitr (FR)
  • Siegfried Vynck (BE)
  • Cyrcle (US)
  • Eversiempre (AR)
  • Jaz (AR)
  • Zio Ziegler (US)
  • Isaac Cordal (ES)
  • Jaune (BE)
  • Pol Cosmo (BE)
  • Alexis Diaz (PR)
  • Axel Void (US)
  • Bosoletti (AR)
  • C215 (FR)
  • Hyuro (AR)
  • Johannes Mundinger (DE)
  • Levalet (FR)
  • Nelio (FR)
  • Mister Fiksit (BE)
  • Hell'O Collective (BE)
  • Henrik Uldalen (NO)
  • Outings Project (FR)
  • Pastel (AR)
  • Phlegm (UK)
  • Ricky Lee Gordon (SA)
  • Sebas Velasco (ES)
  • SpY (ES)
  • Strook (BE)

Art for kids: The Crystal Ship Kids Guide

For children as well, The Crystal Ship is one big adventure! With The Crystal Ship Kids Guide, you can get to know the festival in a playful way.

Download the free Kids Guide

  • Fun facts
  • Questions about the artworks
  • Assignments for kids

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Some pictures of The Crystal Ship in Ostend

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