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Ristorante Marina is a classic in Ostend. It is common knowledge that classics can evolve in two directions: they either become legends or gradually fade away until they have been completely forgotten. We already know what the future has in store for Ristorante Marina.


Marina is not just your average Italian restaurant. It is a place you go to when you have something to celebrate and you want the location where you hold your venue to radiate a festive atmosphere. It needs to reflect great pomp and splendour. Marina has it all: very good and traditional home cooking, a very professional and friendly staff and a prime location. This in turn results in a somewhat more expensive bill, but you will get real value for your money. The regular menu costs 49 Euros whereas the gourmet menu costs 65 Euros. In return, you will taking a culinary stroll through the antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci, which have been prepared in the kitchen with love and devotion and of course a lot of Italian passion.


Beverages ranging from the customary sparkling wine or spumante to the more traditional Italian bitters and the more trendy gins and foreign beers. In short, Marina has something for everyone. The very elaborate wine list is presented by the proud and zealous sommelier, who serves an affordable and surprising Piemonte white wine when asked what he would recommend.


Not everyone is prone to Marina’s rather stately interior, but there are just as many modern touches and as a whole, the restaurant has more of a cosy than an excessive feel to it. Marina is an ancient temple, complete with starched linen, polished silverware and immaculate plates. As we have said before, you should not visit the restaurant for a quick bit to eat, but to enjoy the Italian cuisine to the fullest.


A neatly dressed plate of vitello tonnato – my favourite cold dish – withred onion flakes, Chioggia beet, rucola and apple capers. This is then followed by trofiette – a twisted Ligurian pasta – with pieces of sausage, spinach, fennel seeds and pecorino. A typical Italian primo as far as the quantity, taste and consistency is concerned. These are not the kind of dishes your average Bolognese-eating customer is expecting, but this is exactly what typifies Restaurante Marina: persevering to maintain a high quality. As a dessert, a deliciously smooth zabaione is created by whisking together champagne with sugar and egg whites. This ceremony is performed in the dining room itself and is one of the many reasons you should definitely pay a visit to Marina.

Practical information

Contact details? 
Hendrik Baelskaai 7a
Tel. 059/70.35.56

Type of cuisine?
Italian cuisine

Opening hours? 
Open from 12 am to 2.30 pm and from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. 
Closed on Wednesday and Sunday evening. 

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