Ostend City Walks

Discover Ostend’s most popular city walks!

Exploring with kids, following in the footsteps of James Ensor and Marvin Gaye, checking out Roblox or TikTok locations? Do you never grow tired of new experiences? This brand-new app will then be right up your alley! Discover not just one, but all Ostend city walks. No matter which tour you start, make sure you stop at every highlight you encounter and check the fascinating anecdotes, pictures, sound clips or videos. Discover all of Ostend’s secrets!

These digital walks are available in the Google Play Store and the App Store

Ostend maritime walk

Discover Ostend’s fascinating maritime past, vibrant present and promising blue future with our immersive audio walk. This walk offers a fascinating insight into Ostend’s eternal love of the sea. Come and be enchanted by the sounds of the sea and its stories as you immerse yourself in Ostend’s…More information

The Crystal Ship - Street Art in Ostend

Discover “The Crystal Ship” in Ostend: renowned and world-famous artists make enormous paintings on walls as well as fantastic art installations in open spaces.
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Ensor walk

Download the app and take the brand-new Ensor-themed walk to visit all the locations that were significant to the life and work of James Ensor. You will be given information and will be able to see things for yourself at each of these places, using the latest high-tech. Young and older Ensor fans…More information

Marvin Gaye Midnight Love Tour

Marvin Gaye arrived by boat in Ostend on a cold winter morning in 1981. The singer had fled the US, without a penny to his name and battling a cocaine addiction. His arrival marked the beginning of a fascinating tale about Ostend and Marvin Gaye and how they influenced each other.

The Ostend…More information

These digital walks are available in the Google Play Store and the App Store