Treating someone to a holiday in Ostend? What an excellent idea! Spoil your friends, your family or whoever you want with the HotelCheque for a stay in Ostend. After all, there is always something going on in the city by the sea.

Each check has a value of 25 euros. You decide yourself how many checks you buy for your gift box. 

How to order HotelCheques?

At the Toerisme Oostende counter

Drop by Toerisme Oostende vzw (Monacoplein 2, 8400 Ostend) and order your HotelCheques straight away. You can take them with you in an attractive gift box.

Buy your cheque online on this page

Pick up your cheques from Toerisme Oostende vzw or wait for them to be delivered by post.

Participating hotels

1 stars
2 stars
3 stars
4 stars

Are your checks about to expire?

Don't worry, we can extend the validity of your checks for three months. The three months start from the expiration date shown on the bottom right of the check. The validity can only be extended once but it cannot be done by email or online. You have to bring your checks to Toerisme Oostende.

How to book with HotelCheques?

  1. Choose which accommodation you would like to stay at via the link below
  2. Select the hotel where you would like to stay. You will find all participants here.
  3. Contact the hotel and let them know that you would like to book and pay with HotelCheques. 
  4. Pay at the hotel with your HotelCheques.