Provincial domain Atlantikwall Raversyde


Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636
Oostende 8400
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Mon 14 Nov 2022 to Fri 10 Mar 2023


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The Provincial Domain Atlantikwall Raversyde is a unique natural area located close to the sea. A diverse landscape invites visitors to a lovely walk. Raversijde is also a home to a rescue centre for birds and wild animals (VOC).
Go On Time Travel (+6) in the provincial domain Atlantikwall Raversyde? Did you know that Atlantikwall Raversyde is a time machine? The provincial domain has a rich history. Dive into the adventure and make several jumps in time. You start the walk next to cafeteria Walrave. There you can pick up the search for free and continuously.

You can let the dog run free on the dog meadow and enjoy the (free) photo exhibition set up in the entire park area.
In addition, in the provincial domain you will find four reconstructed fishermen’s houses of the medieval fishing village of Walraversijde (ANNO 1465 can only be visited in groups on reservation).

ATLANTIKWALL RAVERSYDE is open from 11.03 to 12.11.2023

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