Always wear a face mask in crowded areas.

As everywhere else in Belgium, it is also mandatory in Ostend to wear a face mask in crowded areas where the recommended social distance is not guaranteed. The face mask obligation when crowded applies to everyone from the age of 13 who moves on foot in public areas. It is at all times mandatory to wear a face mask in all public buildings, on the market, in the recycling parks, in places of worship and in cemeteries.
A face mask is not mandatory in the car, on the motorcycle, bicycle or scooter, nor when exercising intensively. If you eat or drink something, wearing a mask is also not necessary but in these cases you do need to keep the recommended social distance from other people.

Promenade and beach

It is strongly advised to wear a face mask on the beach promenade when it is busy. Are you here specifically to take a walk? Preferably walk on the beach instead of on the beach promenade. The beach offers plenty of space for everyone to walk at a safe distance from others.

Always have a mask with you

The existing rules for wearing a face mask in shops or in all public buildings of the City of Ostend, including those outside the city centre, continue to apply. The City of Ostend follows the advice of the Belgian National Security Council and asks everyone to always have a mask on them when going outside. This way you are always prepared for unexpected situations in which a safe distance cannot be guaranteed.