Where can I rent a beach windshield?

A beach windshield is the ideal way to define your private zone on the beach and keep your distance from other beach guests. And of course it also stops the sea breeze :-)

If you don't have your own beach windshield , or if it's difficult to take one to the beach yourself, then you can rent a beach windshield at the following places:

Renting a beach windshield with free placement

You can rent a beach windshield at various locations. With this rented shield you can choose your spot on the beach. Those who do not rent a beach windshield or chair also have free access to these stretches of beach.

  • Vandevelde: beach at IJzerstraat
  • Ensor Beach: beach at Louisastraat
  • Beachclub Oost: beach at Duin & Zee

Renting a beach windshield in a reserved area

There are two beach zones that are only accessible if you rent a spot. Your own spot automatically includes a beach windshield, but you can also obtain a beach bed, a chair or a parasol.

  • Lido: beach at IJzerstraat
  • Beachclub West: beach at Parijsstraat