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We scream for ice cream!

No day at the seaside would be complete without an ice-cream! Far be it from us to contract this. Have you already discovered these excellent ice-cream hot spots?

Gelato Maxzim

The lines at Maxzim, an authentic Italian gelateria, are always long. But your patience will be rewarded with some unctuous tiramisu ice-cream, flavoursome Callebaut chocolate ice-cream or deliciously tart lemon ice-cream. Of course Maxzim also serves all the traditional flavours.

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Tearoom Georges

At Tearoom Georges, the ice cream is home made. Come and taste the delicious assortment with "Dame Blanche Spéciale" with white chocolate sauce and fondant chocolate sauce or the "Georges Spéciale" with sorbet and fresh fruit.

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Tea-room Van den Berghe

On Zeedijk, the place to go for delicious ice-cream and warm, freshly baked waffles.

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Australian Home Made Ice Cream

A Belgian company, which has been serving quality ice-cream since 1998. The milkshakes are also worth a detour.

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IJssalon Georgie

Georgie on Zeedijk in Mariakerke serves lashings of ice cream with lots of fruit, biscuits and decorative umbrellas. Of course you can also order a scoop of ice-cream on a cone.

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IJshuisje Martine

Every Summer, the small shop of IJshuisje Martine is inevitable along the beach of Ostend. You'll find it at the "Drie Gapers".

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