Water sports


Koningin Astridlaan 7
Oostende 8400
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Groups from 12 people:
€42,35 per person

Wavesurfing: Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world! Wave surfing which originally seemed to be practised by rebellious young Americans only is finally open to the broad public.

Surf kayak: After a short introduction it will be up to you. With a paddle in your hand you clime into a kayak specially designed for navigation on the sea and you try to navigate straight across the waves. Seen from the beach the waves seem quite smaller. Surprisingly enough you will succeed in sailing through the breakers. Then it is time to get back. All of a sudden your boat is lifted up, it goes on faster and faster and… you surf on top of the waves! Sensational!

Rafting: Rafting on a fast river is fun but rafting on the sea is far more spectacular. Defying the tides, the breakers, the wind and the water makes it a unique experience. Teams of 7 participants contend against each other. After the signal the teams must try to get around the buoys as quickly as possible. Team spirit, perseverance and tactics are the key words. For the participants very challenging and for the spectators a true spectacle!

Specific information:

  • Location: Beach
  • Extra: Catering on the beach

Half-day of sea sports (max. 2h30): €42.35 p.p. Min. number of participants: 12 people.
Full day of sea sports (5h): €70.18 p.p. Min. number of participants: 12 people.