Monacoplein 2
Oostende 8400
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A walk near the westside of the harbour channel with historical and current witnesses (references). Fascinating aspects of the age-old harbour and fishing activities: coastal vessels, the building of “DAB Vloot” and the Westerstaketsel or Western Pier, the Mercator Marina and the North Sea Aquarium.

A standard walk usually takes 2 hours. You can ask for a shorter walk or choose a shorter visit.
For a standard walk of two hours you pay € 70,00. Each additional hour will cost & 35,00. Prices for walks or visits which take less than 2 hours will be agreed at reservation.

For you and our guides’ comfort we accept maximum 25 people per group.
Do you come with a exceptional large group? No need to worrie, the Ostend guides society has enough experience and qualified guides.