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Visiting Ostend with children

If you are planning to enjoy a seaside holiday with children, Ostend is an ideal base camp: not too small, not too big and therefore perfect for children!

Ostend is one of the only genuine seaside resorts that has all the benefits, but no disadvantages, Active pleasure, science or culture: Ostend offers every child a ‘never a boring moment’ guarantee!



TokTok, who's there? The first TikTokTour in Flanders! Welcome to Ostend, the City by the Sea and the first TikTok city in Belgium. No “boring” walk today, but a TikTok crazy tour through the highlights of our wonderful City by the Sea.

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Typically Ostend

Go-carts on the seafront

The cuisse-tax (known in Ostend as: ‘de billekarre’) was invented almost 100 years ago and is still a guarantee for active fun. Young, old, alone or with an entire group: renting a ‘little car’ is always fun, even on cloudy days. There are four shops where you can rent go-carts in Ostend: from Gino, Linda, Mickey or Fietsenverhuur Nico en Sandra. 

Building sand castles

In your swimwear when the sun is shining, in your coat and wellies when it’s raining: there is no reason why you shouldn’t get out your spade and build a sandcastle, fort or island along the waterline. The rising tide will threaten to devour your castle, which you will defend as a staunch knight. The absolutely cheapest activity, with a good dose of fresh air, excitement and great fun!

Making beach flowers

Nothing but proud faces when you see your children standing behind the counter of their very own florists’ shop! The brightly coloured beach flowers are sold at the beach of Ostend for shells, that the children can use to shop at the other children’s florists stores. Just making these flowers is enough to ensure some good old-fashioned fun for the whole family!

Explore the street art of Ostend

Gigantic murals are painted on more than 50 façades throughout the city: an initiative by The Crystal Ship arts Festival. Nowhere else in Europe has a street art festival ever been held on such a grand scale. The special Kids Guide (download below for free) contains fun riddles to solve about each work of art.

Art for kids: The Crystal Ship Kids Guide

For children as well, The Crystal Ship is one big adventure! With The Crystal Ship Kids Guide, you can get to know the festival in a playful way.

Download the free Kids Guide

  • Fun facts
  • Questions about the artworks
  • Assignments for kids

Attractions for children

Events for children

Now, what could be better than watching your children sitting at the edge of their seats enthralled by a compelling theatrical production. Ostend has a gigantic offering of entertainment, workshops and other afternoon programmes especially for children. The most difficult part? Having to choose from all those fun activities!

TAZ#21 - Theater Aan Zee


23/07/21 to 08/08/21

Ostend at Anchor 2022

Port of Ostend

19/05/22 to 22/05/22


Of course, all that exploring and playing has made your little darlings hungry. We have selected a few child-friendly restaurants where small guests are welcome and no one will bat an eyelid if they spill anything. Well… to a limited extent, of course.

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