Sea excursion Oostende - Captain Blue


Visserskaai 29
Oostende 8400
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Kids up to 11 years:
Groups from 20 people:
€13.5 per person
Enjoy sun, sea and water!
Take part in a lovely boat trip on the sea with Captain Blue from the port of Ostend. Enjoy the real sea air, it has been proven to be very beneficial for different aspects of your health. So, 100% vitamin SEA. You cruise along sailing yachts and coastal fishermen in action with seagulls flying around, but also along the beach and the dunes. You can see the coast from a different point of view, ideal for taking beautiful photos or video recordings.

The trip takes you in the open sea to the Buitenstroombank buoy, makes an arc to the coast and via the coastline - close to the beach - we sail back to the port of Ostend. You look at the Belgian coastline, the city and the port from a completely different point of view.

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