Always wear a face mask in crowded areas in Ostend. Click here for more information.

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Safe shopping in Ostend

Our tips for safe shopping in the City by the Sea can be found here.

  1. Try to shop quickly and efficiently.
  2. Keep sufficient distance (1.5 meters) everywhere, on the street, in the queue and in the shops.
  3. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in shops and recommended when it gets crowded in the shopping streets.
  4. Each shop has a maximum number of customers that can enter at the same time. This means you may have to wait a while. 
  5. Shops have a clearly visible queue, with sufficient distance between everyone who joins. Thanks for your patience!
  6. In the main shopping (walking) streets in Ostend, pedestrians have to keep right. Take a good look at the signs and arrows on the ground to see which side of the road you can walk on. This way we avoid people crossing each other.
  7. Should it get too crowded in some shopping streets, one-way traffic will be introduced. Therefore, try to avoid peak times.
  8. Shopping stewards in the shopping streets ensure that everything runs smoothly. Follow their directions and tips to keep it safe for everyone!
  9. Wash or disinfect your hands regularly. In some shopping streets special sanitary stations are provided for this purpose and many shops also provide hand gel.
  10. Payment by bank card or Payconiq is preferred, thus avoiding unnecessary contact between customers and staff.

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