Riding mounts are not allowed on the beach from 15 May until 15 september on parts of the beach included between breakwater 12 near “Diksmuidestraat” and the city limits with “Middelkerke”. If and when it is allowed,  is indicated by the sign C15 with the inscription ‘except horsemen from 15 September until 15 May’. To reach the aforementioned part of the beach, horsemen or escorts have to take the “Diksmuidestraat” and then use the slopeon the other side of this street, at walking pace. To enter the beach and to get to the water line one has to proceed in the same way and also at walking pace. This also applies for leaving the beach and/or the water line. Paddling with horses is allowed from 1 July until 31 August between 5 AM and 7.30 AM on parts of the beach between the “Diksmuidestraat” and the city limits with “Middelkerke”.

Prohibited areas at any times: the beach part between the “Diksmuidestraat” and the “Westerstaketsel” and on the beach above the high-tide mark.