Het Groen Lint

Ostend has more to offer than just the sea. Did you know that Ostend has a surprisingly green city edge? To strengthen that green city edge, the City had a master plan developed to connect all green zones and landscapes: The Green Ribbon. This green ribbon forms an attractive 35 km loop for cyclists and walkers, connecting 15 existing and new green areas in the city outskirts, exactly like a necklace with 15 beads.

You can pick up the plan for only € 3.00 at the Ostend tourist office or order it online via https://shop.westtoer.be/en/product/groen-lint-oostende-fietsroute

This map is temporarily available free of charge as part of the #ookditisoostende campaign to better spread the visitors over the entire Ostend territory. This temporary offer is effective while stocks last.