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Go veggie! - Eat vegetarian food in Ostend

Fortunately the time time when vegetarians had to be content with a few carrots and a lettuce leaf, is a thing of the past. Nowadays, vegetables play a prominent part in every menu and  having a weekly veggie meal became the culinary standard. This also applies to Ostend. So, let’s all become flexitarians!


Veggie fans with a love for Italian food know where to find Sassy’s. You will find vegetarian and vegan stone-baked pizzas, whole wheat spaghetti with tempeh sauce, pizza with chicory, tofu gyros and Brie cheese. Something different indeed. Meat lovers will find what they desire as well. Sassy’s has just what they need. The finishing touch on your menu? Healthy, homemade desserts. Ricotta cheesecake with blueberries, a vegan carrot cake with soy cream or a brownie cheesecake. Doubt no more… Must try! The spicy mushroom pasta, whole wheat penne, mushrooms in soy cream, lentils, broccoli and … chilli!

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Whether you are a vegetarian or not, from the day’s dawn you will find the same flexible possibilities in the Passe-vite. Start your day with a soft-boiled egg and croutons or an egg sunny-side up with bacon. At lunch time, take quinoa with grilled maize, mango, tomatoes, avocado, fresh spices and feta cheese or a salad with smoked eel, pickled cauliflower, red beet and curry while your company chooses a Thai beef salad. Our advice is to come back and try everything at least once. Must try! The crispy fish sticks with homemade tartar sauce.

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Big pieces of potatoes, overcooked vegetables and a bucket of sauce. No, you will not get this at the Graankorrel. Here you will have beautiful healthy and lactose, gluten and sugar-free dishes such as edible macrobiotic pearls that taste better than they look. Each day, the Graankorrel offers a surprise dish made out of organic seasonal vegetables. End this healthy feast with the dessert of the day which is homemade and dairy, cheese, egg, sugar and gluten-free. Must try! Push your culinary limits with a delicate and refined miso soup!

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Go all the way!

You want to take it  a step further? You will find vegan and organic clothes, accessories and cosmetics at the Veggie shop. All things are free of animal suffering and made out of organic and ecological material. Good for you and for the environment!

Are your dining companions having doubts?

We are fully aware of the fact that you might be the only one of your friends or family who is a vegetarian. No worries! Ostend is full of places that offer refreshing and original veggie suggestions. You will have to convince no-one and everyone will be happy. Restaurants like Belle de Jour, De Grote Post, Bistro Mathilda and Faro charm their veggie clients with green organic suggestions.

Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour is een no-nonsense bistro in het centrum van Oostende. ...

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CultuurCafé De Grote Post

CultuurCafé gebruikt zo veel mogelijk biologische en lokale producten. Daar waar mogelijk werken ze samen met lokale producenten waardoor ze de ecologische voetafdruk verkleinen. Een uitzondering...

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Bistro Mathilda

Bistro Mathilda is gehuisvest aan de rand van het Leopoldpark, op een boogscheut van het Casino-Kursaal. De bistro dankt zijn naam aan het bekende beeld van George Grard, "De Zee", alias ...

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In Oostende moet je als liefhebber van een flinke moot vis of een stevige steak uit de polders zeker naar Brasserie Faro. Je krijgt er het beste uit de Noordzee en het hinterland, vers van de markt.

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't Groote Huys

Het prachtige decor doet denken aan weleer. Op de kaart van ‘t Groote Huys pronken Belgische klassiekers, met een mediterrane toets.

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