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Five reasons for visiting Winter Ice

2 December 2016 > 8 January 2017

Step into the magical winter landscape that is Ostend… and don’t forget to bring your skates! As of Friday 2 December, you can skate to your heart’s content for five weeks at Winter Ice, the biggest winter ice rink in Belgium. And we have listed five goods reasons why you should absolutely visit Winter Ice every week!

  1. Lights and magic

    Wapenplein in Ostend is the backdrop for the wondrous world of Winter Ice. The large skating rink will enchant you with its fairy-tale decorations. Have fun skating around the centre of the ice rink, where you can see the largest Christmas tree in Ostend. It took no fewer than 14,000 LED lights to decorate the tree! How can anything go wrong with such a luminous guardian angel?

  2. Aloha, nice and warm! 

    There’s no need to worry about the weather this winter in Ostend. The skating rink in Wapenplein is fully covered and will protect you from rain, snow and the winter wind. So you will still feel nice and dry after your time on the rink. The ice is impeccable and slippery. Ice’s enemies, rain and wind, don’t stand a chance at Winter Ice.
  3. Spinning around

    The skating rink in Ostend spans 1,000 sq.m. In fact it is the biggest temporary covered ice skating rink in Belgium! So there is plenty of space for you to demonstrate your best pirouettes and other skating tricks. Don’t forget to look up now and then because the tent is made of transparent material! So you can literally skate under the stars!
  4. A mini rink for maximum fun!

    We also thought of young skaters: we have added a separate children’s ice skating rink that spans 120 sq.m. Don’t be startled if you happen to see a pirate, a princess or a tiger skating by. Children can visit the face painting booth before or after going skating.

  5. Snacks and drinks

    Have you explored every square metre of the skating rink? Then you will probably start to feel some hunger pangs. Enjoy a warm winter drink or snack on one of the seven wooden terraces around the rink. And do treat yourself to a genever or a donut fritter because your body burns more calories than usual when it’s colder and you’re skating.

So what is Winter Ice?

1,000 sq.m. of skating fun, 100% good food and drink, 14,000 lights in the Christmas tree and 10/10 for the lovely atmosphere! Enjoy the magical setting, treat yourself to some delicious Christmas snacks and skate until you can skate no more!

And don’t worry about the price! You pay just €6 for one skating session at Winter Ice and this even includes the rental of your skates. If you bring your own, you will receive a €1 discount.

  • Largest covered ice skating rink in Belgium
  • A separate children’s skating rink
  • The largest and most beautifully lit Christmas tree of Ostend
  • Snacks and drinks in a stunning Christmas setting

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Friday 2 December 2016 > Sunday 8 January 2017

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