Where should I wear a face mask in Ostend?

As of now, wearing a face mask in the open air is only mandatory in the city centre.

The area is defined by the following streets: Leopold II-laan, Vindictivelaan, Visserskaai, Zeeheldenplein and Albert I-promenade. The square in front of the railway station and the part of the Natiënkaai in front of the station also belong to this zone. The mandatory wearing of a face mask in this zone applies to everyone from the age of 12 who is on foot in the public domain.


The mandatory wearing of a face mask in the public area does not apply:

  • For those who drive a car or motorbike.
  • For those who ride a bicycle or scooter.
  • For those who practice an intensive sport, with the exception of walking.
  • For professional activities that require heavy physical effort.
  • For those who consume food or drink.
  • For those with a medical certificate indicating that wearing a face mask is not possible.

Promenade and beach

Now that the busiest period of the summer season is over, it is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask on the beach or on the beach promenade.

Always have a mask with you

The existing rules for wearing a face mask in shops or in all public buildings of the City of Ostend, including those outside the city centre, continue to apply. The City of Ostend follows the advice of the Belgian National Security Council and asks everyone to always have a mask on them when going outside. This way you are always prepared for unexpected situations in which a safe distance cannot be guaranteed.