EXPO | Under water. Heritage in the North Sea


Atlantikwall Raversyde
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636
Oostende 8400
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Sun 5 Jun 2022 to Sun 13 Nov 2022



There are many wrecks on the bottom of the North Sea. Not only from the First and Second World War, also before that many ships sank on this busy seaway. You can discover more about this underwater world and its hidden heritage through photos.

Met foto’s van Dieter Decroos, Mathieu de Meyer, Cor Kuyvenhoven, Nicolas Mouchart, Bruno Pruvost, Tomas Termote, Sven Van Haelst (VLIZ) & Vic Verlinden.

Picture (Teaser Image) Copyright ‘An Flanderns Küste’ (1 juli 1916)