Music record "Masqué: Songs inspired by James Ensor"

Five Belgian artists were inspired by a painting from the oeuvre of James Ensor and wrote a song around it. Arno, probably the most famous of one, gave it his all and wrote both a French and West Flemish version of his song. The other artists are Isolde Lasoen, Johannes Is His Name, SJ Hoffman and Bent Van Looy.

Did you know that in addition to being a painter, poet and collector, our well-known artist James Ensor was also a composer? He often entertained his guests by playing a whistle with his nostrils, but could also put down impressive and terrifying pieces on the piano. From memory, because he couldn't write music down. He wrote waltzes, music for ballet and other symphonies. The harmonium on which he played is in the James Ensor House by the way. The opening of the brand new James Ensor House in 2020 was one more reason to celebrate his musical talent.


  • ARNO • Ensor mon mentor/Ensor min mentor
  • SJ HOFFMAN • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • ISOLDE • Skeletons Fighting Over A Pickled Herring
  • BENT VAN LOOY • Mijn vriend James

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