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Drinks Ostend-style

We all know that the sea air can make you very thirsty. Fortunately a bunch of smart entrepreneurs in Ostend have made sure that there are several possibilities to raise your glass to the sea, the weekend, the holiday or simply the day. Whatever takes your fancy.

Histoires d'O

A stunning view, good casual food, some amazing beats and the fun laid-back vibe that is so typical of a seaside resort during the best months of the year. Histoires d'O is a cosy, stylish, vintage-inspired brasserie by the sea with a nice outdoor terrace. As you can see, Histoires d'O is always a good idea!

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Galerie Beau Site

Stylish, delicious, fun, easy-going … we can think of many words, all in praise, to describe Galerie Beau Site, where art, design and food are beautifully combined into one amazing place. Despite the high arty look and feel quotient (Beau Site is a culinary platform, with an art gallery as alter ego, or is it the other way around?), everyone is welcome in Beau Site. A coffee with your gran or dinner with some loud friends? Welcome, take a seat and enjoy the unique Art Deco building and the sea views.

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Feel like a drink? Leave your worries at the door of this charming music bar and get in the mood. During the weekend, Belgian DJs play an eclectic array of music, from jazz to soul, from reggae to hiphop. Don't miss the amazing matinees, for which the Copador is renowned.

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Ah, Lafayette! A night in Ostend would not be complete without a visit to the most legendary pub in the city. Cocktails, smiles, positive vibes and above all, a lot of very good music. The best soul and funk DJs have already stepped up to the turntables here, with real vinyl records. Marvin, whose portrait is prominently displayed here, smiles down benevolently on the crowd.

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Another popular pub in Ostend, where amazing cocktails and food are all the rage. For over twenty years, "den Brazza" has been a popular fixture on the Ostend bar scene because of the amazing atmosphere here. Along with Pura Vida and Tex Mex this pub is the place to go at the end of Langestraat.

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Wine bar and café Rood is located near Casino Kursaal and has a large, comfortable street terrace, where we like to start our evening, before we go paint the town red.

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Ostend's seafront, the Zeedijk

No visit to Ostend would be complete without a drink on Zeedijk. The array of terraces and tearooms from where you can enjoy "our" North Sea, protected from the wind and with your face in the sun, is simply overwhelming.

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