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Does anyone want coffee?

If you really are in need of a strong cup of coffee, we suggest going to following coffee shops to get what you need. No worries for the ones who don’t like coffee or who try to reduce their caffeine dose a day, the coffee shops also serve all kinds of tea.



Oode - a reference to Ostend and an ode to good things and the city - is all about passion. Coffee and more only served with love. Different types of coffee, but also (bio) juices, teas (such as the Chai Latte from India) and snacks on the menu.

In the afternoon, you can go there for fresh quiche with a side salad. Fresh, healthy, local and ecological are the main ingredients at Oode.

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Coffee bar Ora

Some families like peaceful places, others like places to be somewhat more dynamic. Mom Arijeta is part of one of the latter families. When her five children almost all left the house to live on their own, Arijeta started up a coffee shop, which she decorated by herself. Other than drinking a cup of great coffee, you can also try delicacies from Kosovo, where the family comes from.

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De Familie Jansen

A fine chair collection, an amazing bar, a spectacular coffee and tea menu and delightful pastry. ‘The Jansen Family’ coffee shop could have been situated in Stockholm, Berlin or Amsterdam but luckily, you just need to stroll down to the ‘Mijnplein’ square to get an amazingly good coffee. Make sure to try out the ‘kokoslimoentje’; coffee with lime and coconut milk.

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Bar Esther

At Bar Esther you can buy coffee beans, grounded if you prefer, a various selection of teas and a wide assortment of chocolate. Ester will make you a hot cup coffee with love, to drink on the spot or take away. Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino with your choice of milk. Endless possibilities.

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Baristas No75

This shop has been opened last spring but father and daughter Hazell already have some avid coffee fanatics as clients. Even if it is going fast, they focus on being slow. They make pour over coffee by focussing on every step just to keep the full taste. To do this, the duo works with pure Italian coffee that has been roasted on beechwood. Slow but amazingly good.

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Zig Zag Art Bar

ZigZag art - bar is an art gallery where you can eat and drink, a place to meet people surrounded by the beauty of authentic art pieces. Patricia and Peter offer their guests a variety of coffee and teas, vegan quiche, bagels with smoked halibut, all sorts of pies and so much more.

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More coffee joy!

There are of course more places to enjoy a nice cup of joe. We made a selection for you below. 



This family business delivers to hotels, restaurants and cafes but also to office buildings and citizens. They firmly choose for 100% Arabica coffee, made of artisanal roasted coffee beans. You will also find Harney & Sons tea and bagged tea. You can order online as well!

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JAVANA Coffee & Tea

Not only can you find artisanal kinds of roasted coffee, pure kinds of coffee and homemade mixes but also a beautiful tea collection. It is normal because ‘Javana coffee & tea’ owns a tea sommelier. We haven’t yet started talking about the tea pots, the coffee makers, the milk frothers, the thermoses, and so much more…

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