Face masks are mandatory in the open air in Ostend in the city centre. Click here for a handy map.

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Ostend takes measures to prevent further spreading of the Corona virus

Ostend takes measures to prevent further spreading of the Corona virus. Respect the rules and indications on the spot for a pleasant and safe visit.

  • Hotels are open, but cannot serve meals in their restaurants.
  • Cafes and restaurants have closed since 19/10. There are restaurants that also offer alternatives such as takeaway and delivery.
  • Mass gatherings and events are canceled. For specific information per event, we refer you to the organization in question.
  • Museums and attractions are currently closed. For specific information per location, we refer to the relevant organizations.
  • Non-essential shops are closed. 
  • On the free ferry between the city centre and Oosteroever, a maximum of 30 passengers, of which a maximum of 10 bicycles, are allowed per crossing. In addition, wearing a face mask is mandatory as soon as one steps on the walkway.
  • Our tourist information office remains open. We can also be reached by email (info [at] visitoostende.be), chat (www.facebook.com/visitoostende) and telephone (+32 59 70 11 99).

All public events will be postponed or canceled to prevent the further spread of the new corona virus.

Museums, attractions, cafes and restaurants will close until further notice.

The Ostend information office (Monacoplein 2) remains open. The office can also be reached by email, chat and telephone.

We apologize in advance for any errors in our events calendar as many organizers had to cancel their events and are now looking for new dates for their events. We are happy to refer you to the relevant organizations for all correct and up-to-date information.

For more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Belgium, we would like to refer you to the official channels: www.info-coronavirus.be.

In the meantime, we follow up on all reports and we will do everything we can to inform you as correctly as possible.

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