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Competition rules Toerisme Oostende vzw

These competition rules set out the general rules for participation that apply to all the competitions (co-)organised by Toerisme Oostende vzw, with registered address at 2 Monacoplein 8400 Ostend. Specific additional competition rules may apply for every competition. If one or more specific competition rules deviate from the general competition rules, then these specific competition rules take precedence over the general rules.

1. Who can participate?

A competition is open to any natural person, excluding

  • the employees and directors of Toerisme Oostende vzw,
  • any individual who participates in the organisation of said competition,
  • the immediate family members and family members to the third degree of the aforementioned excluded natural persons.

Minors may participate in a competition on condition that they obtained prior permission from their parents (or the individual having parental care over them) for this. If a minor participates in a competition, this shall be taken to mean that he/she has obtained such permission. Toerisme Oostende vzw reserves the right to request written confirmation of the obtained permission at any time and to verify this permission in other ways as well as the right to exclude any minor from the competition who cannot provide such a confirmation immediately or within a reasonable term imposed by Toerisme Oostende vzw.

Participation in a competition does involve any purchase obligation. If an entry form must be filled out, only duly filled out entry forms, which were received before the end of the competition, shall be taken into account.

Your participation is always personal. We do not accept entry forms from multiple people. If you do participate during this period in spite of the ban, then this participation shall be deemed invalid and you will not receive any prizes you may have potentially won. At any given time, Toerisme Oostende vzw can bar an individual from participating in any competitions Toerisme Oostende vzw (co-)organises for a specific period in case of infringement of one of the conditions for participation or in case of abuse, deception or fraudulent participation in a competition.

2. The competition proceedings

The competition proceedings (knowledge question, subsidiary question, creative action...) will be determined for every competition. In case of a subsidiary question, the participant must answer this question to ensure his competition entry is valid.

Only valid entries will be eligible to win a prize.  If there are not enough answers or no correct answers to the question(s), meaning the prize(s) cannot be awarded, then the remaining prize(s) will be awarded to the participant(s) whose answer to the question(s) most closely approximated the correct answer(s).  The remaining prize(s) will be granted in accordance with the ranking.

In case of an ex aequo (tie) an additional subsidiary question will be asked and/or a draw will determine who wins the prize.

3. Prizes

Toerisme Oostende vzw does not give any guarantees about a prize. Toerisme Oostende vzw cannot be held accountable for damaging resulting (in)directly from the award of a prize. If the awarded prize consists of free tickets to a concert, film or event, then the winner cannot claim any form of compensation in case of cancellation. A prize is exclusively awarded to the winner (holder of the phone number) and cannot be transferred.

A prize is indivisible and must be accepted as awarded. Under no circumstances can the prize be assigned or exchanged for a cash prize.

If a prize is sent to the winner by post, Toerisme Oostende vzw cannot be held liable for damage or the loss of the prize by the postal services or delayed receipt.

The winners will be notified by e-mail, Messenger, WhatsApp or by phone, depending on the nature of the competition. The winners may also be published on our website.

4. General

By participating in the competition, participants acknowledge the acceptance of the general competition rules and the specific competition rules where applicable.

There shall be no correspondence on the competition rules, the organisation and/or the binding and irrevocable outcome of the competition (letters, e-mails and or phone conversations). All additional statements pertaining to the competition shall be included as a competition rule. The results and decisions of Toerisme Oostende vzw and the competition jury cannot be contented for any reason whatsoever. All the decisions of the organisation are final.

The participants in the competition shall refrain from negative public communication about the competition and the organisers.

Toerisme Oostende vzw cannot be held liable should the duration of the competition be modified, or the competition adapted or even cancelled for reasons for force majeure or other reasons, outside of the control of Toerisme Oostende vzw. Likewise Toerisme Oostende vzw cannot be held responsible for a problem with telecommunications services (overload of the mobile phone network, malfunction of part of the network...) or a problem with the postal services (delay, strike, damage or loss) preventing participants from entering.

Toerisme Oostende vzw can modify the conditions for participation at all times. The old conditions for participation shall however continue to apply to all ongoing competitions in that case.

Printing, spelling, typographic or other similar errors cannot be invoked as grounds for any liability whatsoever on behalf of the organiser.

5. Processing of data

The winners of the competition grant Toerisme Oostende vzw the right to reproduce and publish photos of them and/or of their winning answers, without owing any compensation to them, as part of the communication about the communication or to promote Toerisme Oostende vzw.

Participation in the competition implies the processing of the participant’s personal information so Toerisme Oostende vzw can inform the participant about the competition proceedings and about similar products and services of Toerisme Oostende vzw. This information will be processed in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Policy Statement of Toerisme Oostende vzw.

Participation in the competition also implies the processing of the participant’s personal information so Toerisme Oostende can ask the participant for his/her opinion about the competition and/or the event where the competition was held.

All entry forms always include a section where participants can indicate whether they wish to be informed about news, events, promotions or publications. By ticking this box, the participant therefore consents to being added to the mailing list of Toerisme Oostende vzw. This addition can always be cancelled by unsubscribing.