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Breakfast in Ostend

Going out for breakfast remains for everyone a unique moment of indulgence. Be surprised by the wide range of nice places in Ostend for a delicious breakfast and start your day like a king (or queen). 

Breakfast spots in Ostend


CultuurCafé De Grote Post

CultuurCafé uses many organic and local products. Where possible, they work with local producers thereby reducing the carbon footprint. An exception is their coffee but that is or organic & fair trade!

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Patisserie Caruso

Caruso stands for delicious pastries and freshly baked bread. Ideal for breakfast or brunch, or to simply enjoy a delicious piece of cake.

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Baristas No75

This shop has been opened last spring but father and daughter Hazell already have some avid coffee fanatics as clients. Even if it is going fast, they focus on being slow. They make pour over coffee by focussing on every step just to keep the full taste. To do this, the duo works with pure Italian coffee that has been roasted on beechwood. Slow but amazingly good.

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De Zoete Zonde

For more than ten years already, you can enjoy a piece of homemade Black Forest gâteau, raspberry cake and of course, coffee with some 'sweet sins'. The coffee shop is situated in the ‘Christinastraat’ where you can find other fine shops. The place to be after going shopping!

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Tearoom Cappuccino is a household name in Ostend. You can enjoy different breakfast formulas until 11:30am. The kitchen is open all day long. The choices are endless: croque monsieurs, fresh salads and pasta's or after a long day of shopping, waffles or pancakes. If there is no place inside to sit, you can always opt for a place on their sun terrace. Not much time? Then hop on by for a take away waffle or housemade ice cream.

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De Familie Jansen

A fine chair collection, an amazing bar, a spectacular coffee and tea menu and delightful pastry. ‘The Jansen Family’ coffee shop could have been situated in Stockholm, Berlin or Amsterdam but luckily, you just need to stroll down to the ‘Mijnplein’ square to get an amazingly good coffee. Make sure to try out the ‘kokoslimoentje’; coffee with lime and coconut milk.

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MOOSE Ostend

It takes courage and daring to let go of your safety nets and jump ship, but after encouragement from family and friends and a need for a change of pace after 20 years in banking, Saskia made the jump. That's how MOOSE-Ostend was born: a new, stylish concept store where you eat while you shop and the decor is a struggle between woodwork and industrial design elements with a Scandinavian touch. 

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There are many hotels in Ostend that offer a delicous breakfast. You can have a look on their website for times and reservations. 

Tip: breakfast on your doorstep

Bakkerij DeCock

Nothing cosier than having breakfast together with your family. What if you would not have to leave the house for that? Bakery Decock, a warm artisan bakery since 1855, provides delicious breakfast at home! Fine pastry and chocolate pralines from their own workshop provide a perfect start to the day.

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