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The best shrimp croquettes in Ostend, according to the followers of Food’Oostende

When in Ostend, eat like the people of Ostend, and order a shrimp croquette. We asked the followers of Food’Ostende on Facebook and Instagram where they like to get their shrimp croquettes. The response was huge, which is why we drew up a top ten for you. Enjoy!

Histoires d'O

Histoires d’O has a creative chef, who likes to use some of the best local products in his dishes. The menu is very limited, but this just means that everything is very fresh. It includes appetizers and first courses (perfect with a cocktail!), salads, home made shrimp croquettes and a few suggestions.

Albert I-promenade 53, 0471 45 48 80

Madam Kroket

Madam Kroket was launched to produce artisan croquettes for pubs and restaurants. After the huge positive response, they decided to open a shop in Ostend as well as an online shop. The cheese and shrimp croquettes are very popular in Ostend and beyond.

Nieuwstraat 25, 0498 39 67 17

Eetkaffee Poseidon

A warm welcome and an authentic, cosy ambience. Their specialities: the famous North Sea bouillabaisse and Ostend shrimp croquettes.

Hertstraat 11A, 059 43 90 69

Brasserie Alfons

A brasserie opposite Ostend’s town hall. They always use fresh products, that are delivered daily and serve tasty specials, fresh pancakes and waffles. You can also enjoy some delicious Ostend shrimp croquettes here. 

Vindictivelaan 1A, 059 41 24 80

Le Bassin

The menu of Grand Café du Bassin includes refined fish dishes, mainly with North Sea fish, as well as some nice cuts of meat for carnivores, salads, tapas, snacks and sweets in the afternoon. They serve food throughout the day so you will never go hungry! 

Visserskaai 1, 059 70 33 83 

Bistro Mathilda

Bistro Mathilda succeeds in effortlessly combining classics, while embracing new culinary trends. A balancing act, with the most wonderful results. The menu features signature dishes as well as new, inventive dishes. They include their world-famous ‘tatjespap’ (mashed potatoes with buttermilk) as well as cuttlefish with lime, noodles, chili, ginger, coriander and coral. So they cater to guests who have been coming here for many years for their traditional faves, as well as to more adventurous palates. Everyone always comes out happy here.

Leopold II-laan 1, 059 51 06 70


Ocean, which is just a stone’s throw from Kursaal Ostend, serves delicious brasserie food and has a fantastic sea view. Leo Declerck believes in using fresh and seasonal products. The menu features traditional Belgian-French dishes, with attention to technique and the odd modern or fun twist.

Albert I-promenade 64, 059 70 66 24

De Zee Wint

Chef Dirk Vanoudenhoven and maître Thomas Callewaert roll out the red carpet for guests in their restaurant, ‘De Zee Wint’. Every day they prepare the most delicious fish dishes as well as a few suggestions in a unique setting with a sea view. They only fresh products and locally sourced fish. The menu also includes a few meat dishes, first courses and desserts that are made in house and some specialities. 

Zeedijk 114, 059 44 63 37

Le Chevalier

At Chevalier they serve traditional Belgian cuisine. The menu includes plenty of fish dishes as well as a nice selection of meat dishes. Chef Willy-Mary prepares well-seasoned, perfectly prepared traditional classics.

Albert I Promenade 66, 059 70 58 74

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