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Everyone is welcome in Ostend this summer. All beaches will be freely accessible. You can read all the frequently asked questions about registration at the beach registration here.

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Is this restaurant the Rolls Royce of Ostend gastronomy or just simply a couple of hard-working people with a nose for all the delicacies the sea has to offer? Bentley's succeeded in winning our hearts right from the start.


Finding a chef able to combine the best of both worlds is not easy at all. On the one hand, Bentley’s continues to offer traditional dishes such as North Sea sole and shrimp croquettes whereas on the other hand, it goes in search of new and alternative dishes such as rabbit ravioli and Barents Sea crab. A very popular dish among tourists, costing a mere 35 Euros, consists of shrimp croquettes, fried sole and a dessert.

Wine list

One of Bentley’s suppliers is the famous wine importer La Buena Vida, which resulted in an interesting and exciting wine list featuring Spanish newcomers as well as French classics and South African surprises. Although the wine list is fairly limited, we feel that, from an economic point of view, this is a positive feature. You should definitely try the house aperitif: cava mixed with a splash of Liefmans Kriek.


Warm, stylish, intimate lighting, focussed on creating a cosy atmosphere in which customers are pampered in congenial surroundings. During the summer months, you can admire all those visiting the city of Ostend.


An appetizer consisting of a broccoli espuma, oysters and couscous and a clear shrimp soup. Deliciously crunchy and crispy megrim sole goujonettes with homemade tartar sauce. Sea bream with mustard sauce and a couple of nobashi shrimps and immaculate sauerkraut. Bentley's constantly endeavours to uphold a very high food standard. Dessert: a chocolate moelleux that passes the litmus test with flying colours.

Practical information

Contact details? 
Van Iseghemlaan 58
Tel. 059/44.84.20

Type of cuisine?
Traditional cuisine, gastronomic style. 

Opening hours?
Open from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and from 5.30 pm to 11 pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday. 

Travelling by car? 
Park your car at the Ostend Casino car park (fees apply), which is located at a short walk from the restaurant, located in the Van Iseghemlaan 58.

Travelling by public transport? 
Take the tram and get off at the Marie-Joséplein stop, located close to the restaurant.

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