Oostende 8400
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Beaufort Sculpture Park
Sorry – Guillaume Bijl (Beaufort 2018)

Guillaume Bijl copies pieces of reality in a tragicomic way, making us question our own culture. With Sorry, he makes us think about the monument culture. One observes an earnest and majestic monument, in which he replaced the person to be worshiped on the plinth, by a dog. Given the seriousness of the staging, the intervention seems natural up to a point, and leads the spectator to doubt: is it a real tribute or a work of art? Bijl apologizes for this misstep with ‘sorry’, a word that is used fairly easily. This work also focuses on the validity of monuments. Statues on display in public space are always subject to the zeitgeist, and so-called heroic deeds may be seen in a different light over time.

Location: Leopold Park, Leopold II-laan, Ostend