BEAUFORT - Metatron


Oostende 8400
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Beaufort Sculpture Park
Metatron – Louis De Cordier (Beaufort 2009)

This sculpture by Louis De Cordier, artist from Ostend, resembles a buoy being washed ashore. It stands out with its specific form, which refers to the mysterious forms used by Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci. It reflects the golden ratio, synonymous with perfect proportions. De Cordier strives for absolute and timeless beauty, by creating a perfect geometric shape, adding an additional dimension to his work. The name Metatron wasn’t chosen at random. In Jewish culture, Metatron is the closest archangel to God who, as a messenger, predicted the Flood. Metatron, the bronze and steel plate sculpture, symbolizes a message in a universal language believed to transcend time and space.

Location: Provincial Domain of Raversyde, Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636, Mariakerke, Ostend