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Beaufort Sculpture Park
Sorry – Guillaume Bijl (Beaufort 2018)

Guillaume Bijl copies pieces of reality in a tragicomic way, making us question our own culture. With Sorry, he makes us think about the monument culture. One observes an earnest and majestic monument, in which he…

BEAUFORT - Monument for a Wullok

Beaufort Sculpture Park
Monument For A Wullok – Stief DeSmet (Beaufort 2018)

Every whelk or "wullok" in West Flemish is a work of perfection, shaped by the secret logic of the sea. The shells are formed according to the rules of the golden ratio, in perfect proportions. Stief…

BEAUFORT - Rock Strangers

Beaufort Sculpture Park
Rock Strangers – Arne Quinze (Beaufort 2012)

Arne Quinze developed a set of sculptures for the city of Ostend by the name of Rock Strangers. Strange objects that pop up at locations where you would least expect them, such as on the renewed…

Blue Bike Oostende

With Blue Bike, you can rent a bike 24/7! Once you become a member (€ 10), you can easily rent a bike at multiple Blue Bikes in several train stations in Belgium.

Venetian Galleries

In 1900, Belgian King Leopold II commissioned architect Henri Maquet to design the first royal gallery: an L-shaped, closed and covered walkway between the royal villa and a large octagonal salon. Nowadays it is known by the name ‘Venetian Galleries’, referring to Venice’s classicist architecture…