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Situated right by the sea, partially located in a protected dune area and covering almost 50 hectares, Raversyde offers visitors a unique combination of cultural history and nature recreation with...

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Bar Esther

Go to Esther for delicious coffee, different teas and a variety of other hot drinks. Also to take away.

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Museum Amandine

April 3rd 1995. On this day the Amandine entered Oostende harbour for the last time. On this day it dropped anchor for the very last time. The crew disembarked, swallowed hard and went home without...

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Ostend City Museum

The museum tells you Ostend’s fascinating life story and also casts light on its future. A host of objects, posters, documents and multimedia applications reveal the secrets behind the development...

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Sint-Petrus- en Sint-Paulus Church

The church St.-Petrus- and Paulus is a neogotic church built in 1907 which consists of beautiful stained-glass windows. The tomb of Louise-Marie, the queen of Belgium who deceased in Oostende, is...

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Royal Galleries

The Royal Galleries were finished in 1905. They are approximately 400 m long and served to protect the middle classes from sun and rain during their walks. They connected the Royal Pavilion with...

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Lighthouse Lange Nelle

Lighthouse "Lange Nelle" :...

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Fort Napoleon

At the end of the 18th century, France annexed the region. Napoleon feared an invasion from England via Ostend harbour and therefore ordered an imposing fort to be built in the dunes in 1811. In...

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