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Bal Rat Mort - 'Ensor - Bal Masqué'

Kursaal Oostende
Sat 7 Mar 2020

Bal Rat Mort (Dead Rat Ball) is Belgium’s most renowned ball, with an exceptionally rich and interesting history, going back to the Paris of the Belle Epoque. The charity ball was first organised in Ostend in 1898. The ball moves with the times of course, and it’s been completely updated!

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Casino Oostende

If you like to put your fate in the hands of Lady Luck, then Casino Kursaal Oostende is the place to be. Try a classic table game of roulette, blackjack, stud poker or play the electronic slot machines. And if you thought that casinos only belong in James Bond films or American TV series, then you’re wrong. Because Ostend’s casino is always busy!

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