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Montmartre Winter Kick-Off 2019

Sat 21 Dec 2019

On 21 December, the Christmas holidays kick off on a festive note in Langestraat during the Montmartre Winter Kick-Off! A free, and typically Ostend festivity!

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Casino Oostende

If you like to put your fate in the hands of Lady Luck, then Casino Kursaal Oostende is the place to be. Try a classic table game of roulette, blackjack, stud poker or play the electronic slot machines. And if you thought that casinos only belong in James Bond films or American TV series, then you’re wrong. Because Ostend’s casino is always busy!

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KAAP | Vrijstaat O.

IN 2010 Vrijstaat O. became a new centre for the arts, and the only coastal one. On 1 January 2017 the De Werf and Vrijstaat O. centres joined forces to become a single new centre for the arts: KAAP. This centre distinguishes itself through its focus on unique formulas based on Ostend’s specific combination of water, land, and sea, taking maximum advantage of public spaces.

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