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Exhibition | War in animation

Atlantikwall Raversyde
Sat 11 Mar 2023 to Sun 12 Nov 2023
War is a recurrent theme in (animated) films. In 1939, the American cartoon ‘Peace on earth’, for example, warned of war. That very year, Germany invaded Poland and World War II began. Today, war is raging again in Europe. In the special setting of bunkers you will discover short films by Leonid…

Exhibition 'The prince of Raversijde'

Atlantikwall Raversyde
Thu 1 Jun 2023 to Sat 1 Jun 2024
As of 1 June, you will find the new photo exhibition 'The Prince of Raversijde' in the freely accessible park area of Atlantikwall Raversyde Provincial Domain. Those who want to find out even more about Prince Charles and the royal family in the provincial domain can also visit the open-air museum…

Gailliard visits Ensor

Thu 11 May 2023 to Sun 27 Aug 2023
Jean-Jacques Gailliard (Brussels, 22 November 1890 – Saint-Gilles, 17 April 1976) was a Belgian painter and graphic artist. As the son of the Impressionist painter Franz Gailliard (1861-1932), friend and colleague of James Ensor, the young Jean-Jacques received his first drawing and painting…

The Crystal Ship - Street Art in Ostend

Discover “The Crystal Ship” in Ostend: renowned and world-famous artists make enormous paintings on walls as well as fantastic art installations in open spaces.


Ostend has its own TikTokTour now! This crazy TikTok tour takes you to ten highlights of our lovely City by the Sea where you can recreate fun TikTok videos. Get your free TikTokTour at the Ostend Tourist Information Centre or download the tour at

Het Groen Lint

Ostend has more to offer than just the sea. Did you know that Ostend has a surprisingly green city edge? To strengthen that green city edge, the City had a master plan developed to connect all green zones and landscapes: The Green Ribbon. This green ribbon forms an attractive 35 km loop for…

Japanese Garden

Take a stroll in this magnificent 'Kaiyusschiki-style' garden and marvel at the various landscapes which unfold before your eyes. No-one would expect this oasis of tranquillity and contemplation so near to the sea and Oostende’s vibrant city centre. The Japanese Garden is open during weekends …


1,000 square metres of trampolines, a huge ball bath, and a challenging play area for the little ones, all connected by an inspiring coffee bar: that is the definition of Hangtime! In addition to the trampolines, we offer heaps of extras: basketball hoops, dodgeball trampolines, foam pits—the list…

Ostend City Museum

The museum tells you Ostend’s fascinating life story and also casts light on its future. A host of objects, posters, documents and multimedia applications reveal the secrets behind the development of the city, its tourism, fishing industry and shipping. Discover the Ostend of former times and the…

Ensor walk

Download the app and take the brand-new Ensor-themed walk to visit all the locations that were significant to the life and work of James Ensor. You will be given information and will be able to see things for yourself at each of these places, using the latest high-tech. Young and older Ensor fans…

North sea cruise offshore windfarm - Captain Blue

"Discover the wind turbine parks at sea Captain Blue gives you a whole new perspective on our 11th province, the North Sea and wind energy. During the 5-hour boat trip, a Dutch speaking guide will immerse you in coastal navigation and port signaling, from various buoys and beacons to the…


Feel like a fisherman for one day! Captain Blue gives you an unforgettable fishing day at sea! Fishing experience is not required, people of all ages can participate in this healthy and sporty activity. When the boat arrives, you will hear the siren of the ship: a signal to throw out the fishing…

Hoevepicknick Hertenfinesse

At Edelhertenboerderij Hertenfinesse you can enjoy a delicious local picnic in combination with a guided tour. Discover the story behind the company and taste the delicious farm products. After which you can enjoy a delicious picnic on the terrace or inside the restaurant.


Shellness is a private wellness centre with all facilities to give you a moment of rest. We have a sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi under the stars, infrared bench and relaxation room. All this in a unique setting in the atmosphere of sea and beach, with a colourful light show and a touch of music.

Penthouse 14

With Penthouse 14, we offer a private wellness experience. This may or may not be combined with an overnight stay in the wellness so that you can endlessly enjoy all the facilities.

Andromeda Thalassa

The wellness centre is only accessible to hotel guests. Non hotel guests have no access to the wellness centre and cannot book treatments.

Organic Vision Wellness

Restaurant & Wellness - "Organic Vision" in Ostend is a new and very unique eatery. This atmospheric establishment is a restaurant & wellness where you can find purely organic products without gluten, lactose, sugar, eggs and yeast. There is a wide range of delicious and extremely healthy dishes…

Park Nieuwe Koers

Park Nieuwe Koers is located on the west side of Oostende, where there used to be hardly any neighbourhood green. The construction of the park changed this. The new park of 13 hectares is first and foremost a neighbourhood park. The park connects the De Drie Platanen residential care centre, the…

Stadsbrouwerij 't Koelschip

Here, they brew the 'Tank' beers and make the facilities available to other brewers. Beer lovers can attend workshops at 't Koelschip brewery and have their own creation bottled. A selection from the range, also the only beers brewed in Ostend: Zeegeuze 7.5%, Oostende Bonsoir 8.400%, Gie Zie Mien…