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5 reasons why you should come to the North Sea Beer Festival

This year's edition of the ‘North Sea Beer Festival’ will take place at the Leopold park in Ostend from Friday 24th until Sunday 26th of August. We give you five good reasons why you should pay this festival a visit.

  1. Tastings!

    More than 30 breweries and beer companies will treat the public with 200 different beers. You will be able to taste not only the known beers but also the ‘North Sea Beer Festival Exclusives’. The latter are the ones you cannot easily find in supermarkets.

  2. Take a trip through Belgium, the beer country

    At the ticket booth, you will get a kit to start with. For € 12, you will get a festival bracelet, a tasting glass and 3 coins. Extra coins cost € 2. Every province will be represented and there will be local beers from every part of Belgium you can taste. Nice bonus: you will be able to take the glass with you afterwards as a keepsake.

  3. Beers from Ostend

    Ostend has become a city for connoisseurs and that is visible in its offer of local beers. Make sure to pay a visit to the ‘Strubbe’ brewery that makes the ‘Keyte’ beer from Ostend. At the kiosk, go drink a ‘PoppoLou’ beer in the ‘Manuscript’ bar.

  4. For foodies

    The ‘North Sea Beer Festival’ is a place where foodies will enjoy themselves as well. Thanks to three food trucks and stands, you will be able to taste dishes that match perfectly with the beers of your choice. In 2016, the New York Times described the festival as a place ‘Where Foodies should go’ because of its big variety of beers and dishes.

  5. And music! 
    The festival will start on Friday at 4 PM with a music performance. During the whole weekend, live performances and DJ-sets will be an essential part of the North Sea Beer Festival.

Practical information


From Friday 24/08 until Sunday 26/08


The Leopold park



Public transport?

Take the tram to the stop at the Marie José square. The Leopold park is only a few steps away.

Where to park?

Park your car in the ‘Zeeparking’ car park. The Leopold park is only a two-minute walk away.

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