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4 places to eat mussels in Ostend

A day at the seaside wouldn’t be quite complete without a dinner of mussels and French fries. Day trippers and people of Ostend alike don’t mind queuing for a large steaming pot of delicious mussels. We went in search of the best places to eat mussels in Ostend.

Bon appétit!

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Good mussels should be fresh and only of the highest quality. All these sea creaturesneed are some crunchy vegetables, some herbs and heat. “We like to pamper our customers with a moreish portion of about 1.3 kilos.”

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De Kleine Garnaal

If you like traditional mussels, then plan a visit to De Kleine Garnaal as soon as possible. Here too they have been applying the same golden formula for years, namely fresh vegetables, tasty mussels and a bit of patience. “It doesn’t get any fresher than this!”

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De Amandine

Besides the traditional preparations, the menu here also features a "mussels Amandine".The house special includes a lobster sauce with cream. Now how can you say no to that?

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The place to go for everyone who likes mussels that were caught the same day. How bestto prepare them? The chef at Ocean shares his trick: “We cook on a hot induction range. Because mussels are at their best when they have been cooked quickly over high heat.”

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