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4 delicious restaurants in Ostend

We love all the restaurants and their food in Ostend. To mention but a few of their plates: the shrimp croquettes, the delicious slices of sole, the hot waffles and the cool ice creams. Here is a list of four restaurants you should not miss out on while being in Ostend!


Bistro Mathilda

Not that long ago, we tried to make a list of the best brasseries in Belgium but we only had a few: ‘Brasserie Latem’, ‘Georges’ in Uccle, ‘Dock’s Pub’ in Antwerp and of course, ‘Bistro Mathilda’ in Ostend. The reason why these were on the list, was because of their finest products, perfectly prepared in simplicity but brought to you on a plate in a delicious way. We love to go to Brasserie Mathilda just because of the shrimp croquettes, the tatjespap – mashed potatoes with buttermilk -, the sole and why not the Blondes d’Aquitaine ribs with béarnaise sauce. Mathilda still serves a special ‘Ostend menu’ only with local kinds of fish until May. Inventive preparations including anglerfish and bergylt are also available.

Address: Leopold II-laan 1

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Toi Moi et la Mer

Are you looking for a place without too much fuss where you can eat the best fish dishes of the season? ‘Toi, Moi et La Mer’ is (one of) the best places. ‘In the past, I loved working with ingredients from all over the world but that has changed now. Simons & Decru - my fishmonger - and I, look for the best types of fish: weevers, yellowtail flounders, tub gurnards, etc. I only serve Ostend shrimps I buy at the fish market here at the harbour. I buy them at Luc and Dini Bogaert who go catch shrimps at sea on their boat O.62 DINI. Together with the shrimps, we serve a fresh Keyte, a Brugse Zot or a Poppolou beer!’

Address: Albert I Promenade 68

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Café Botteltje

If you want to know some secret pieces of advice, we can give you a few but trust us when we say that nothing is better than a delicious draught Keyte triple beer in ‘Botteltje Café’. They also have more than ten other kinds of draught beer. Would you like to have a little snack to go with your beer? Then we suggest the homemade Trappist bread prepared according to the recipe with Westmalle Dubbel and filled with Chimay cheese or Oerbier pâté.

Address: Louisastraat 19

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Brasserie Henry

You have restaurants but you also have ‘traditionals’. That means restaurants that have existed for as long as people can remember but that also have delivered constant quality for years. ‘Au Roy Henry’ has been serving delicacies since 1951 and because of that, it is now one of the oldest but most flourishing restaurants of the coast. It is obvious that you will find all the famous dishes on the menu like the baked sole, the rack of lamb and the legendary vol-au-vent with mousseline sauce. Au Roy Henry also has modern dishes on its menu: try the tub gurnard with spinach, vegetable pearls, mashed cauliflower and Poppolou beer.

Address: Albert I Promenade 65

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