Keyte beer

Not everything that is wet in Ostend comes from the sea. Ostêns Keyte beer was first brewed in 2004 to commemorate the Siege of Ostend (1601-1604) between the army of the Spanish Catholic King Philip II and the Protestant camp, made up of the English and Dutch armies. The soldiers at the time already were familiar with Keyte: a brew without hops, which they drank instead of the water, which was often polluted.

Far removed from the drink that is served today in Ostend: a sturdy blond (7.7% alc. vol.) with high fermentation, Keyte’s flavour develops nicely. The label of the Keyte-Ostend Tripel refers to this historic battle. The name is derived from the French verb, cuire or prendre une cuite, i.e., drinking more than you can handle. Since 2007 the brewery also brews a Keyte-Oostendse Dobbel-Tripel. The darker and much stronger brother of this beer (9.2% alc. vol.).

WHERE: Available in most Ostend cafes and brasseries. You can also try biker and beer pub, Bikers Loft Groenedijk.



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