Marvin Gaye - Midnight Love Tour

14 February 1981. Marvin Gaye arrives by ferry in Ostend, together with his little boy, Bubby. It marks the start of a fascinating story about Ostend, Marvin Gaye and the relationship between the two.

This documentary walk through the city tells you everything about his comeback and how the monster hit song “Sexual Healing” came to life.

Reservation is recommended. This is possible by phone (+32 59 70 11 99) or mail ( Please announce yourself not later than 2.30 pm.

Upon renting the ipods and as a guarantee you will be requested to fill out a form. A credit card or a (Belgian) Identity Card is required.




Monacoplein 2
8400 Ostend
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Tram stop:

Oostende Marie-Joséplein

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